Software solutions
Inspired from within education


Our solution to these common problems
  • Not having a single place to view important information and updates
  • Having to duplicate and cross reference information from different systems
  • Unfriendly and complex interfaces for staff to use
  • Different systems that all work differently requiring more training time
  • Expensive software that does far more than you need but not the tasks you want it to do
  • Have several systems that don't talk to each other
  • Off the shelf systems not meeting your needs
  • Custom made software expensive and absorbs too much staff time in designing
  • Keep getting caught having to buy large number of software user licences to suit needs


Get the advantages of a bespoke system without all the costs and headaches

Examples of our systems


Made for teachers to give them the quickest and easiest access to the information from your MIS. See your sets, forms and groups with quick access to pastoral, tracking, medical and more.

Music Lessons

Manage all your individual music lessons and all the administration that is required. Allow VMTs to setup their own lessons or just see what has been set for them.

Trips, Clubs & Sports

Make managing the complex process of trips simple. Allows for complex approval processes, or the simplest. Keeps track of everything about the trip.

Pastoral notes

A module which allows a secure and simple way to log pastoral concerns which automatically notifies those concerned and provides easy oversight of the issues.


Create, write and publish pupil reports for parents with ease. Use inputted data to give each pupil easy to follow tracking graphs

Budgets and bids

A simple and easy to use module for departments to submit annual budget requests to Bursary and accounts. And then allow department heads a clear oversight of their annual budgets and spend.

Room booking

Allow easy booking of rooms, minibuses, sports fields and events. With or without approvals, and without limits.

Visitor Management

Manage the booking and processing of visitors to your site. Badge, log and check out with ease.


Log and manage issues. Allow your IT, Estates, Secuirty departments to have their own system, or any others.

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